Welcome to my journal

I have developed a real love for writing Christian articles.   And while probably not very good in "mainstreams" eyes, they have been an incredible source of spiritual growth in me.  The first article I wrote quite a number of years, the memories!!  Our eldest son was in grade 2, and the Christian school was hosting an outdoor movie night - the third we would attend.  Oh they were such great nights, and we were so excited to be going again!  Well, that was until we found out the title of the movie to be shown....The Chronicles of Narnia.  Though not really certain why, I had an uneasy feeling about the movie, and it didn't take long to uncover some unnerving truth.  Written by C.S.Lewis, and portraying itself as a "Christian" movie, the story was little more than Satanism in wicked disguise. So, I set about unearthing the truth, and attempted to put it into a "letter" to the principal.  Ok, I was unsuccessful in my attempt to have the movie choice changed.  But this first article had an incredible effect on my life.  Not only did it open my eyes to the wickedness that Satan was trying to weave into children's movies under the disguise of Christianity, but it also gave me a taste for writing!

Finding good quality time to study and write these days is hard, especially with a new baby!  But little by little, I still do!  And the most rewarding thing now is that my own children are showing an interest in my studies, and reading them....and absorbing them!

And why do I call it a journal?  I was asking myself that just the other day.  It seemed the natural thing to do...but trying to describe to others why....well, that was the challenge!!  I have a personal journal, in which I reflect on daily happenings.  It's an incredible document of events in my life....the growth of my family....and I love reading back over the years.  And this website here is like that for me, because it is a document of my growth as a Christian.  You see, almost every study I have done has been a journey for me.  It's been on a topic I have been unsure of, and had questions about. And more often than not, I have become a changed person by the end of my writing.  So, it's like a journal!!  And I hope that sharing my spiritual growth will have an impact on your life too.